Thursday, 14 June 2012

I have been fighting against everything; I’ve failed, I’ve fallen. Despite all of these, I’ve stood up. I’ve been positive, I’ve tried harder and harder, I made myself to get strength that I’ve never imagined I would have, I’ve tried to reach you in so many ways; maybe they weren’t the perfect ways, but hey, no one is perfect, and you are way to be perfect. I’ve respected you; I’ve asked your forgiveness. What have you been doing? I feel like rubbish, I cry, I get disappointed. Do I deserve that? No! I don’t think so, because no one does!! I know it’s complicated, I know I made you suffer, I made you cry, but so do you! No one has the right to blame a person because a relationship didn’t work out; you can’t blame me for my mistakes, like I can’t blame yours. Happiness is something you achieve, something you fight for; and if you don’t do that – and, forgive me saying that, but I don’t see you fighting, then you can’t achieve anything in life. I truly wanted you, I truly admired you, I truly trusted you. I don’t know you anymore; I just asked to try one more time. I have fallen over and over, I have torn a tear every single month because of the very same bloody shit. Can’t you follow that I am tired, that I got enough? Hey! I bloody wanted you to take me, otherwise I couldn’t smile. However, I’ve learnt that our life is a trip, wherever your path is, you’ll find the happiness anyway, the nearest happiness I’ve known, was your name. Now, I think twice because is all of this worth?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Monday, 21 November 2011

I want to write  a book. (in Eng, of course!) - wish me luck! 

Love has united us for too long

No one is from anyone, I know that. I didn’t want you to be mine. I just wanted you to share. I just needed to share so many things. But I can’t, because we would be extremely mad at each other. I just want you to trust me, and me to trust you.
I’ve been trying for everything or anything. I’d made mistakes just like anyone else, but I have been paying for them as well like a year. Doesn’t it say anything? Doesn’t it say that I actually love you enough? Doesn’t I deserve a little bit of respect? You have always known what respect means, you always did.  And what I felt was purely disrespected. It’s not because we are boy/girlfriends, because we aren´t. But since we do things so deeply with each other, which makes my love for you to grow every day. I want to keep this; it’s extremely sexy and it overwhelms me; but it doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. - Because we have, and they are stronger than we think. That little strong thing has been uniting us for too long, and actually we can’t stand a big fight; because our little hearts call for each other for a hug. And our interactions with each other become warmer and warmer, until we lose control of ourselves. And every day, this little feeling which might have been disappearing once in a disappointing moment, grows pretty fast.

I want us to respect each other, because both of us deserve it. I want to share everything with you, as long as you share with me too. And that way, everything becomes just like normal. Before loving you, you were one of my biggest friends. And I wanna keep it. So let’s be fine!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

'I don't need easy. I just need possible.'
Bethany Hamilton
Hey folks!

I know I haven't been writing. But I really hope to start on track again!