Thursday, 14 June 2012

I have been fighting against everything; I’ve failed, I’ve fallen. Despite all of these, I’ve stood up. I’ve been positive, I’ve tried harder and harder, I made myself to get strength that I’ve never imagined I would have, I’ve tried to reach you in so many ways; maybe they weren’t the perfect ways, but hey, no one is perfect, and you are way to be perfect. I’ve respected you; I’ve asked your forgiveness. What have you been doing? I feel like rubbish, I cry, I get disappointed. Do I deserve that? No! I don’t think so, because no one does!! I know it’s complicated, I know I made you suffer, I made you cry, but so do you! No one has the right to blame a person because a relationship didn’t work out; you can’t blame me for my mistakes, like I can’t blame yours. Happiness is something you achieve, something you fight for; and if you don’t do that – and, forgive me saying that, but I don’t see you fighting, then you can’t achieve anything in life. I truly wanted you, I truly admired you, I truly trusted you. I don’t know you anymore; I just asked to try one more time. I have fallen over and over, I have torn a tear every single month because of the very same bloody shit. Can’t you follow that I am tired, that I got enough? Hey! I bloody wanted you to take me, otherwise I couldn’t smile. However, I’ve learnt that our life is a trip, wherever your path is, you’ll find the happiness anyway, the nearest happiness I’ve known, was your name. Now, I think twice because is all of this worth?

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