Monday, 21 November 2011

Love has united us for too long

No one is from anyone, I know that. I didn’t want you to be mine. I just wanted you to share. I just needed to share so many things. But I can’t, because we would be extremely mad at each other. I just want you to trust me, and me to trust you.
I’ve been trying for everything or anything. I’d made mistakes just like anyone else, but I have been paying for them as well like a year. Doesn’t it say anything? Doesn’t it say that I actually love you enough? Doesn’t I deserve a little bit of respect? You have always known what respect means, you always did.  And what I felt was purely disrespected. It’s not because we are boy/girlfriends, because we aren´t. But since we do things so deeply with each other, which makes my love for you to grow every day. I want to keep this; it’s extremely sexy and it overwhelms me; but it doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. - Because we have, and they are stronger than we think. That little strong thing has been uniting us for too long, and actually we can’t stand a big fight; because our little hearts call for each other for a hug. And our interactions with each other become warmer and warmer, until we lose control of ourselves. And every day, this little feeling which might have been disappearing once in a disappointing moment, grows pretty fast.

I want us to respect each other, because both of us deserve it. I want to share everything with you, as long as you share with me too. And that way, everything becomes just like normal. Before loving you, you were one of my biggest friends. And I wanna keep it. So let’s be fine!

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