Friday, 5 August 2011


I know it wasn't supposed to show all my feelings to the world, it was supposed to be something private; something mine. However, mine is something I can't tell from being or not being mine, so, something which is not mine, but someday can be mine, by the willing that I have in my soul - just like you - I'm willing you to become mine. And  one day, we will become one, just from the love that unites us.
I hate having messed with my own life, how stunning and pure our relationship was. Nobody is perfect, and I'm way to be perfect; I don't wanna be that person that is called a perfect girl; because that way, I'll disappoint you. I don't want it to happen again because I already did, and I hate me because of that. So, I want you to love me as I am, with my flaws. But I just need you to forgive me. Because I regret every mistake I have made, every little tear I made you shed. I hate the way you hated me, I hate the way I made you feel. I just hate myself. And I want you to love me just to let you in, each day even more in my heart.
I want to make that hate to disappear, and to build a beautiful relationship from now on; now that I am writing this with lots of love and full of passion.
That beautiful, pure, and loving relationship that we had, can be built every day in order to make her not perfect (because I don't want it to disappoint us) but a great relationship full of passion, respect and love. Something which will be ours by our willing to be with each other. Something that we achieved, just like the happiness of achieving something so real, so pure like you and me. I should say that I love you, but you already know that. I adore you. You are part of my body and my soul, and without you I can't even imagine how my life would be like, because without you, I guess I can't breathe. I want us to be just one. I just need to try. Please. Let's try it, just once, just you and me - and together we can achieve our reality, our happiness, our relationship.

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