Saturday, 29 January 2011

The letter that changed my life

It was absolutely cold when I was near the fireplace during the Christmas Eve. It was snowing out there, and I was home alone. - And it was not what I’ve imagined to be my favourite Christmas Eve, not even a little bit, not even at all.
My siblings and my parents were spending Christmas in my hometown which is Lisbon but since I was little, I’ve thought to spend my Christmas holidays in a snowy part of the world. So, I went to London to spend a different Christmas which I have always dreamt of.
London is a different city, one of my favourite cities of the world. It has always been; even when I hadn’t been there already.  London is a crowd place to be in, but to my mind, there happens everything and we can see every single thing that happens in other over-crowded cities. That day, everything was empty. Shops were closing down; families were at home with their relatives; that over-crowded place was silent, and I was near the fireplace thinking how it would be like if I had stayed at my over-crowded city with my adorable family.
When I was starting to read a book I have brought with me, I noticed there was a letter. I found it really awkward, because it was a new book. The letter was from my ex-boyfriend.
We didn’t fight or anything, we just agreed to be far away from each other some days to think about our lives. However, I had already asked him to come back to me, and it seemed like he didn’t want it so badly as I did, because he wanted to try it very slowly. When I read that letter I got speechless because he knew I would be in London, and in which place. The letter was not as big as I was expecting. It was written: ‘I will spend Christmas time with you, near or far.’
I might confess, I didn’t understand it very clearly, because it wasn’t supposed him to know I wasn’t in Portugal to spend my Christmas alone and everything. That letter has become my life really interesting, which made my life to become happier. He went to be with me in London and we got married. Since this year, we have been travelling every Christmas holiday to London because it’s now the best place in the earth.

By: mpv

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